“What do you give to someone who has everything?”  That’s a question we’ve all heard.  But have you ever thought about applying it to God?  After all, He really does have everything!  He created the world, and owns everything in it.  It all belongs to Him.  So what would you give the God Who has everything?

This was the question the Psalmist asked in Psalm 116:12-14.  He had just been rescued by the Lord from certain death, and his heart was overflowing with gratitude.  He wanted to thank the Lord for what He had done, and to give the Lord something to show his appreciation.  Have you ever felt that way?  Has your heart just overflowed with love and gratitude to God, and you longed to express your thanks and worship and praise to Him, and yet words just didn’t seem to be enough?

So the Psalmist expresses his problem in verse 12.

12.  What shall I render to the LORD
For all His benefits toward me?”

Think of all the many benefits we have from God…our homes, our jobs, our wonderful country.  Or even more importantly, our family and our friends.  And, perhaps most important of all, our salvation, and the fruits of the Spirit that the Lord pours out upon us…the love, the joy, and the peace that fill our hearts.  With such wonderful benefits as these, it seems that we could not render to the Lord in gratitude even the tiniest fraction of what He has given us.  It seems impossible!  But fortunately the Lord has revealed to us what He desires to receive from us.

13.  I will take up the cup of salvation,

Have you ever given anyone a gift that was really appreciated, and then been there when that person received it?  If so, I would bet that you can remember the look that person had when he received the gift…the surprise, the excitement, the joy.  That look was worth more to you than a hundred thank-you notes, and made giving the gift so worthwhile.  This is what God desires from us…to take His gift of salvation and enjoy it, to lift up that cup and drink deeply from it!

Salvation is not just our one-time deliverance from sin either.  Salvation also indicates preservation.  God not only delivers us from sin, but He keeps us and preserves us, holding us in His hands every day, every hour, every minute.  And He desires that we gladly receive that salvation from His hand.

But that is not the only thing that God would have from us in thanks.

13.  I will take up the cup of salvation,
And call upon the name of the LORD.

There is scarcely a greater compliment than to have someone come to you when in trouble…for your help, your counsel, your wisdom.  This is what God is asking of us here…that we would call upon Him when we are in distress, when we are heartbroken, when we are confused.  That we would look to Him for help, for guidance, for comfort.  He wishes us to call upon Him in those times of need.

The Psalmist finishes with,

14.  I will pay my vows to the LORD
Now in the presence of all His people.

So, there is something we can give the Lord in gratitude for all He has done for us.  We can thank Him for His grace by accepting still more of it from His hand!  So let us offer our thanks to the Lord for all His benefits.  Let us take up His cup of salvation, call upon His name, and lift our praises to Him from thankful hearts.