chessDid you ever wonder what it would be like to live life without anyone whom you knew loved you? That is the sad reality for far too many children in our day. Love is one of the most powerful…no, THE most powerful tool God has given us. Babies need love terribly much, and as we get older we need it just as much, whether or not we admit it. Thus, I often think with sadness of those who have never even experienced love from their parents. How terribly lonely that must be! No wonder many young people now lose their virginity so quickly…they are searching for someone to truly love them.

I don’t think there is a greater gift that anyone could receive from another than his love. Everything else we might give someone is external, but when we give other people our love, we give a part of our very soul to them, and build them up by it.

What would it be like to wake up and realize that everyone who really cared about you was gone? God has blessed me with so many wonderful people who care for me…all my family and friends. When I think of all of those wonderful people He has blessed me with, and then compare myself with those who, as I said before, have no one to love them, I wonder what on earth makes me so special that God blesses me so much… I guess that the answer is that I’m not special at all compared to those people, but as far as why God blesses me over them I’d just have to say that He’s God, so who can tell? But I don’t think that it’s ever God’s will for any child to live without love. Many blame God for everything bad in the world as if He had planned it, and many Christians make it worse by saying that He did. But we can’t forget that the whole purpose of the future Kingdom on the earth is for God to take control of things here and make them like He wishes them to be. Which would be pointless, if everything was like He wanted it now. No, this world is lost and broken. But we know that it will not stay that way, for it has a Savior…and not just a Savior, but a Savior who loves the world enough to die for it…and I think we all know Who that is.