I received the following request:

If you have or know of any writing that not only explains salvation, but equally gives the reasons why a person can and should put all their faith in This Saviour, I have need of it.

In order to believe in Jesus Christ, several assumptions must be made. First of all, that there is a God. I do not think that this is that big an assumption. We are here, and so it follows that Someone put us here, though some try to argue that we made ourselves. Then, one must assume that God is good. This might seem a tall order to some considering all the bad things in the world, but considering the good things that are there, I think this becomes clear. These would not be there if God were not good.

Then, one must assume that God is interested in His creatures, and wishes to communicate with them. I do not think this is too much of a stretch, either, as a God Who is good, and Who has taken the time to create, we would expect that such a One would care about the beings He created, and would take an interest in their welfare. And it follows that, if God wishes to communicate, then He DID communicate. God cannot be foiled in anything He attempts to do. The final assumption is that that communication is the Bible, God’s Word. There are many good reasons for believing this, such as Its consistency despite being written over several thousand years by many different authors, and Its historical accuracy, which has never been disproven.

Once one has accepted these assumptions, then it really comes down what the Word of God says. It makes claims concerning Jesus Christ that, assuming this is God communicating with us, we either must accept or reject. If we accept, we are found believing God. If we reject, we are found rejecting God.

Here is an article that does a great job of defining Jesus Christ as the Savior:


Here is one that sets forth the value of believing: