I received the following question:

We are currently running through your Psalm series and are wondering about Psalm 12.  It makes complete sense that it is referring to the dispensation of grace; however, we are unsure about why it is in the spot where it is.  Back in Psalm 11 we were reading about the tribulation and many of the Psalms are talking on this issue (and David’s flight from Absalom). 

There is a break between Psalms 8 and 9, so I’ll just go from 9. Psalm 9 is talking about the beginning of the kingdom. Psalm 10 describes the condition of the wicked in our day, and the beginning of the kingdom that interrupts them in their wickedness. Psalm 11 again describes the wicked in our day, and the kingdom of God coming in to disrupt them. Psalm 12 again speaks of wicked men in our day, and calls upon the Lord to bring in the kingdom and put a stop to it. Psalm 13 may be David speaking in his own day, but it looks forward definitely to the dispensation of grace, when the LORD has hidden his face, and our cry is for Him to step out into the open again in the kingdom. Again Psalm 14 speaks of the actions of the wicked, and the need for the kingdom to bring a stop to them. And Psalm 15 speaks of God’s holy government, and the character of men who will live in it, in sharp contrast to those wicked men of our day.

Psalms 1-8 are a group, as are Psalms 9-15. There really isn’t much about the tribulation in these later Psalms. That is covered in depth in Psalms 1-8.