I received the following question:

I just went through most of the “minor prophets.” Why are they called that?, it seems like pretty important stuff they wrote about.

They are called “minor” merely because they are shorter. It has nothing to do really with content. Of course, length has nothing to do with truth. I remember one man who attended one of my studies who was enamored with longer books. His favorite book was Daniel, but he was upset that it was only twelve chapters. Then, when he discovered the “extra” chapters of Daniel in the apocrypha, he was all excited, because he thought that added prestige to the book. A really messed up view of things. When he discovered that I was going through Titus in my study, he commented that it was a “very short book.” I never saw him at my study again after that.

At any rate, the “minor” prophets were just called the book of the prophets in the Hebrew Bible. They were actually all together in one book written by twelve authors, not twelve books written by one author apiece, like they are in our Bibles. There was just one, long book.

So this is a purely human designation, but that is the reason for it. “Major” prophets are longer, “minor” prophets are shorter.