plowhorse02I received the following comment:

I read Zechariah today.  As a part of reading it I thought about how the tech in the Kingdom is shown as low tech.  The fact that they are using old-style weapons can be explained by the fact that at the start of the Kingdom all things weapon-like are destroyed.  But there is another explanation for the other things.  1) With the outpouring of the Spirit people would have less reason to need higher technology. 2) It is likely that by the will of God oil would be tapped out.

What thoughts do you have on this?

There does seem to be some indication that things will be more low-tech in the kingdom. There could be several reasons for this.

One you have hit on, is that all weapons are put to peaceful uses at the start of the kingdom, and so actual knowledge of the making and fashioning of high-tech weaponry is lost. There seems to be some indication that the weapons used in the last battle will be wooden, since they are used as fuel for fires after the battle is over.

However, there could be another explanation for this. Many of the words used to describe new technology are crafted at the time when the new technology is introduced. Either they did not exist in the past, or they were used to mean something else. It seems unlikely that God would introduce words that were either going to be misunderstood by His original readers, or else were not considered words at the time and so would throw them into confusion. In other words, it could be words like “swords” and “spears” are used to indicate weapons of warfare. Those may not be the weapons actually in use at that time, but we have our equivalents today, and so this fits with whatever technology might apply at the time.

This could also apply to other things besides weapons. For example, horses used to be their means of rapid travel. Now, we have automobiles. Automobiles are our “horses.” Thus, could “horses” be used to describe our replacement for them in the Bible? I do not see why this could not be.

You also make a good point that there might be less need for some of our technology in that day. For example, hospitals and healing devices will be unnecessary when God controls all sickness and health. Many of our devices are intended to make things faster. Yet it could be that such speed will not be necessary in a day when we are not living our lives on a collision course with death.

I do not know why God would tap out oil. I do not think oil is necessarily evil, though it is a product of many animals and plants dying. There are things that I think would definitely be ended very quickly, like pornography. What God will say about oil I do not know.

Ultimately, I do not know what technology will be like in the kingdom. Some things might be farther ahead of us than we can possibly imagine, other things might have regressed a long ways from where we have taken them today, and maybe shouldn’t have. In the final analysis, I suppose we will just have to wait and see.