I received the following question:

Jeremiah 51:39. Is this 1st or 2nd death?

Well, here’s the passage.

39. In their excitement I will prepare their feasts; 
I will make them drunk, 
That they may rejoice, 
And sleep a perpetual sleep 
And not awake,” says the LORD.

It would depend on whether this is entirely in the past, or whether it speaks of the future as well. As we know, it is only in the second death that men will not live again, since all the dead are to be raised from the death they died in Adam, though some may be judged as being worthy of death and be returned there for the second death. Verse 37 is one of those I think might point towards a future, fuller fulfillment. Yet I do think that this chapter largely took place in the past. If you will examine this carefully, you will see that his point is that these men are sleeping a sleep from which they will not awake. In other words, this is talking about death, not true sleep. I think that is what the author was conveying in a poetic form here. He was not trying to make any kind of technical statement about the resurrection status of these men. He was just describing their deaths.