I received the following question:

In 1 Kings 9:11-14, is Hiram humble or disappointed with his payment for the work?

This was not necessarily the payment for the work, but rather more a gift at the close of a long and mutually profitable business and working relationship between Solomon and Hiram, between Israel and Tyre. Solomon granted Hiram these cities in Galilee (near his own country of Tyre) as a gift. However, Hiram was not pleased with the cities. He calls them “the land of Cabul,” “Cabul” meaning “Good For Nothing.” Apparently, Hiram was hoping for some natural resources or productive land with these cities, but found them instead cities with very little benefit in this regard. Therefore, he was disappointed, and expressed his disappointment to Solomon. Fortunately, this was not enough to end their friendship, however, as he proceeds to send Solomon a large sum of gold.

By the way, it is speculated that Nazareth may have been one of these towns.