I received the following question:

2 Kings 6:25 uses some odd things to show the seriousness of the famine. A donkey head and dung from a dove?! Are these normal things to buy? or is this just because things like barley and flour were so long gone that that’s all they had? Hm… maybe I just answered my own question here.

That is the point here. There are people even today who will eat the brain of an animal, and I have seen brains on sale. As for dove’s dung, this was not food, but fuel. Much like in the Old West in our country, where they would burn “buffalo chips” (which was really buffalo dung) for fuel. Obviously, a buffalo chip is quite large, but not so dove dung. This was a very poor sort of fuel indeed. That anyone would pay such a high price for such a poor fuel shows what dire straits they were in.