I received the following question:

Numbers 21:17 “Then Israel sang this song:
‘Spring up, O well!
All of you sing to it—‘”

Who are the poets?  Are they God-inspired or more a showing of history?

I would call it a songwriter more than a poet, although of course all we have left of it is the lyrics, not the music.

I don’t think I have enough information from the Bible to answer this question. This could be a song that they had sung before in Egypt, though it seems too specific to the situation for that. It probably was written for this occasion. But by whom? Hard to say. It could have been a song Moses wrote for them, but we have no indication of it. It could be someone in the crowd made it up at the time, and the people took it up, but it sounds too organized (and the camp was too large) for that to make sense. We really do not know who wrote it. All we know for sure is that it was a song that Israel sang. Where the song came from is left unanswered.