I received the following question:

Why does it seem that God accommodates to what the Reubenites an Gadites want as far as their land on the other side of the Jordan?  

Don’t forget the half-tribe of Manasseh!

I think it is because God DOES accommodate what they want. They asked Him if they could do this, and He basically said they could. Of course, they had to follow the stipulation that they would still go into the land and fight to conquer it with their brothers before returning to their chosen home. Yet ultimately, He allowed it when they asked, and because they asked.

Of course, there were problems with asking God to follow your own plan rather than His. The Jordan River formed a natural boundary for Israel on their east that helped defend them from the Edomites, the Moabites, and the Ammonites. The tribes to the east of Jordan were more vulnerable. They also were the first to be carried away into captivity. So there definitely were downsides to their plan.

Yet God did grant them their request, and allowed them their land on that side of the river simply because they asked it. He is a God Who is willing to respond to the requests of His people, as long as they ask with honest hearts and in faith. It is not useless or pointless to ask Him anything, as He is going to do what He wants regardless. He can and did change His plan based on the request of these two and one-half tribes.