I received the following question:

Aaron didn’t enter the land because of mistrust with the water out of the rock (Numbers 20:12), but why did Miriam die? Was it because of her rebellion (Numbers 12,) or was she just part of the generation not to enter?  Seems she would be on the same playing field as Aaron.

That is a very good question, and one that I don’t think the Bible gives a clear answer to. You might have hit on it with the suggestion that she was just part of the generation that was not to enter. We have no idea if she stood with Moses when the others rebelled or not.

There was no word that she would die short of the land because of her rebellion in Numbers 12. The LORD said what the punishment for that would be…being a leper outside the camp for a week…and I trust Him not to change His mind and make the punishment greater at a later time.

Miriam was not on the same playing field as Aaron. Aaron stood with Moses (at Moses’ request.) Miriam had no position with Moses. She was just a relative. More than likely, she was just identified with all the generation that was not allowed to go in, and that was why she died.