I received the following question:

Do you believe that we will appear in heaven at II Timothy 4:1 or will we go into the kingdom right from earth, whether being raised from the dead or by entering into our new state, not having died?

I am afraid the Bible is rather sparse on facts as to how exactly we are to receive our future position as believers today. When Christ Who is our life is manifested, we too will be manifested with Him in glory. Will we be taken to heaven to meet with Him first, then sent back to the earth? I don’t know that anything says either way. I would not assume a trip to heaven when such a thing is not specified. More than likely, we will be raised to the earth, and He will communicate with us here. But I can’t say that I know for sure. I do think that trips between the earth and heaven will be quite possible in the kingdom. Ultimately, however He does it will be right.