I received the following question:

What is the importance of the article in “ho Kurios?”  Bullinger says that the article is of great importance in the divine relationship of the word.  He doesn’t give any explanation or say why. This was in appendix 98, give me some Greek explanation.

The article is just the word “the,” as in “the Lord.” In Matthew 18:27, for example, it is used for a human lord with the article, so I do not think it necessarily is a clear indication of Godhood.

What Bullinger says is that “So much depends on the presence or absence of the Greek Article, when used of the Divine relationship, that these are carefully distinguished in the subdivisions below.” I do not believe that “ho” really indicates whether or not “Kurios” is speaking of God or not in its use in the New Testament. I think Bullinger was just pointing out that the article “the” is often important in such cases, such as when speaking of “the Angel of God” or “an angel of God.” So, though the significance of the use of the article is not necessarily clear in the case of “Kurios,” since it is so often important, he notes it in his Appendix.