I received the following question:

When you produce your written studies in Acts, will you note when and where you believe Paul wrote each of his epistles, so that we students can “plug them in” properly? It would be very helpful to have your chart showing this chronology, so as to correctly understand the order of what was being revealed in the Acts period, what was written in the two years after Acts 28:28, when John wrote his gospel in relation to when Paul wrote Ephesians, etc.

My understanding would be that Paul wrote Galatians to the ekklesias he had visited on his first apostolic journey from Antioch in Syria around the end of Acts 14 and beginning of Acts 15. He wrote I and II Thessalonians from Achaia (Corinth) soon after his visit there during his second apostolic journey. He wrote I Corinthians from Ephesus during his third apostolic journey, and II Corinthians from Macedonia right before he revisited Corinth in Acts 20. He wrote Romans from Corinth before heading back to Jerusalem. He wrote Philippians, Ephesians, Colossians, and Philemon from Rome during his stay in his own hired house in Acts 28:31. He wrote Titus from some unspecified location during his journeys after leaving Rome. He wrote I Timothy from Macedonia during his post-Acts visit there. He wrote II Timothy from some unspecified location at the end of his ministry.

The four gospels were written during Paul’s stay in his own, hired house in Acts 28:31.

I have not really written any kind of chart or chronology regarding this. It is a good idea, though.

Other books of the New Testament:

James and I, II, and III John fit in before Paul’s ministry began during the great scattering period of Acts from Acts 8-12. Jude is probably in this time period as well, though it has little internal evidence for when it was written. Hebrews was written by Silas to the Thessalonians shortly before Paul wrote I Thessalonians. Revelation was written sometime during Paul’s Acts period ministry, though the exact time frame is hard to pin down. Perhaps during his second or third apostolic journey? I and II Peter were written after Acts 28:28. By II Peter at least, Peter had read Ephesians, and found some things in it that were hard to understand.