I received the following question:

Is immortality given to the wicked?

A good question. If God pours out health on all at the start of the kingdom, does He give deathlessness to the wicked as well?

The Greek word translated immortal is athanatos. The word means without death, that is, the sin and death principle introduced into the human race by Adam. If we take this as being the definition of immortality, then certainly all in the kingdom, including the rebels at the end of it during the tribulation, will have this. But only the righteous will truly live forever, in the sense in which we usually think of the word “immortal.” So according to the common use of the word, immortality is truly “conditional” upon God granting it.

So it depends on how you take immortality. If you identify it with athanatos, then yes, all will have immortality in the kingdom, even the wicked. But if you take it as truly never dying, then that will only be granted by God to the righteous.