I received the following question:

You mentioned the responsibilities we have when we know about and understand the kingdom of God. Could you elaborate on these responsibilities please? I’m still trying to figure out where I go from here, now that the “ministry” and “soul-winning” have been left behind.

I believe that the kingdom is our future hope of God someday taking control of the earth’s governments and ruling over the whole world. Our responsibilities towards it, then, are to believe what the Bible says about it, make that our true hope (rather than the substitute hope of heaven,) and live our lives in anticipation of it.

I sympathize with the difficulty of knowing what to do with the truth now that you have it. The church lays out a nice program for eager believers to follow, but without the church to guide you the path seems less clear. I would suggest several things:

1. The worthy walk. The last three chapters of Ephesians set forth the lifestyle believers are to live now that they are “in Christ.” I set forth my teaching on this in my audio series on Ephesians on my website.

2. Proclaiming the Word. II Timothy 4:2 sets forth the necessity of doing this, both in season (when men want to hear it) and out of season (when they don’t.) It is difficult to find an audience that wants to hear, but not impossible. II Timothy 2:2 talks of finding faithful men to teach, who will then be able to teach others as well.

3. Rightly divide the Word of Truth. Study (work hard) to show yourself approved unto God in this matter. II Timothy 2:15.

The books that set forth the most information about our walk with Christ today are Ephesians and II Timothy. Colossians gives some great material as well which backs up what Ephesians says. I have audio studies on both Ephesians and II Timothy.

As far as “soul winning,” you are probably aware that that is not a Biblical term. But the concept of proclaiming the salvation-bringing message to people certainly still holds true. Yet we do this by proclaiming the Word regarding Jesus Christ, not asking people if they want to go to heaven and then telling them to pray the sinner’s prayer.

Remember that our object is to please God, not men. It is rather depressing to come to a realization of how much of what goes on in the name of Christ is largely empty, and how much of what is most surely believed by Christians is not Biblical, and not the truth. Finding that most people don’t know this and don’t care is hard to deal with. We have all gone through somewhat of an adjusting period upon finding this. Keep your mind focused on the Lord and His truth, and be well assured that the truth (and the One Who is the Truth behind it) is well worth it.