I received the following question:

I have been studying into Jude quite a bit lately, and last night I was reading 2 Peter, and I am assuming that you probably noticed the uncanny similarities between 2 Peter 2 and Jude.  Actually there is other distinct similarities in chapter 1 and 3 of 2 Peter also with Jude, but just going through chapter 2 and comparing it to Jude I came up with what I would say is a list of distinct similarities between verses of the two books.  I will put a listing below just in case you want to see what I mean.  I guess what it made me start to think was, if the Spirit was writing so similarly in these two books, could that indicate that Jude was actually written closer to the time of 2 Peter?  If so, I guess that would indicate Jude to even possibly be a Grace book?  I could be reading into this a little too much, but I just thought it was interesting to consider since as you told me in the past and I think (a mutual friend) has echoed the same thoughts, that we know very little about Jude and when it was written, etc.  Anyways, I would greatly appreciate any thoughts you may have on this, and like I said, I will put a listing of the comparable verses below that I thought seemed to have distinct similarities when compared.  Thanks and hope you are doing well Nathan!
2 Peter 2:1=Jude 4
2 Peter 2:2=Jude 4
2 Peter 2:3=Jude 4
2 Peter 2:4=Jude 6
2 Peter 2:6=Jude 7
2 Peter 2:9=Jude 15
2 Peter 2:10=Jude 8
2 Peter 2:11=Jude 9
2 Peter 2:12=Jude 10
2 Peter 2:13=Jude 12
2 Peter 2:15=Jude 11
2 Peter 2:17=Jude 12,13
2 Peter 2:18=Jude 16
Also some verses from chapters 1 and 3 of 2 Peter I thought mirrored verses of Jude in some ways…

2 Peter 3:2=Jude 17
2 Peter 3:3=Jude 18
2 Peter 3:14=Jude 24
2 Peter 3:18=Jude 25
2 Peter 1:2=Jude 2
Not all of these are too similar in some areas, but at least small parts of them.  

I suppose the similarity between the book of Jude and II Peter is the strongest argument for Jude being written in the same dispensation as II Peter, which I believe was written in our dispensation of grace. However, this does not necessarily need to be the case, when we consider the following:

1. The two books are written to the same people of Israel. Whether before or after the dispensational boundary line, the same truths would make sense to them, the same history be applied to them.

2. The similarity between the two is not like Ephesians and Colossians, where it is the dispensational truths that are the same. Instead, it is the teaching about wicked men, who are the same in every age, and about their final destruction, which is the same in this dispensation as it was in the last.

Therefore, I would want to see other evidence than just its similarity to II Peter before I would conclude without a doubt that Jude was written in our dispensation.

However, it could well be that this similarity indicates that they were written around the same time. I am just saying that I do not think this evidence is conclusive by itself, when the statements that are similar cannot be shown to be inherently dispensational in character.

Keep studying the Word!