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I found this chart on the Seed and Bread website, which also links to your website.


The section on the chart which we are nearing is called “The Manifest Kingdom of God” and I was really resonating with what you wrote about the present being “the age of Grace” and how the dawn of a new age of Grace and Government and miraculous demonstrations is near…

Can you tell me what Scriptures show this 500 year “Manifest Kingdom of God”?

Wow, that’s a tall order, since the Bible is full of passages talking about the kingdom. A good place to start is Isaiah 2, which describes a world full of darkness coming to the light of God’s kingdom, that appears first in Israel and then spreads to the rest of the world. Micah 4 is an almost parallel passage with it, describing the same event.

Notice that Isaiah 2 describes people from all over the world coming to God to learn of His ways. II Thessalonians 1:7-10 tells us that when Christ returns, He takes vengeance in fire upon all who do not already know Him and obey His gospel, and they are punished with everlasting destruction. Once they are destroyed, it would be too late for them to come to Him to learn His ways. Thus, Isaiah 2 cannot follow Christ’s return. Isaiah 2 either has to happen BEFORE Christ returns, or else it will never take place.

Joel 2:28 describes the Spirit being poured out on all flesh, which will take place at the start of the kingdom. Verse 31 tells us that this takes place before the coming of the great and awesome day of the LORD. Revelation 1:10 tells us that John, in the Spirit, traveled into the future Lord’s Day, and thus this entire book of Revelation takes place AFTER the blessed conditions described in Joel 2. (Note that Joel 2 is also quoted in Acts 2, where this time is called “the last days.”)

I have gone over many passages relating to the kingdom in my series on it. I would suggest reading my articles on “The Kingdom of God” and “Bins for Bible Prophecies.” I also gave audio lessons on the topic. Start with PA006 “Bins for Bible Prophecies Part 1.” This is pretty much of a repeat of my writings on it, so you could listen to one or read the other. But after that I continue the series with ones I haven’t written out, starting with “The Return of the Holy Spirit Part 1” through “The Kingdom Rebellion Part 2,” which is PA012.

I have written on the dispensation of grace in my series on dispensationalism, which you can find here:


You can certainly find some articles on the present dispensation on the Word of Truth Ministry (Seed and Bread) site as well.

Thank you for your interest. I pray my writings are able to introduce you to the exciting truth of God’s coming kingdom on earth. My goal, as always, is that you will learn more of the plans and ways of our Lord Jesus Christ, and so come to love and appreciate Him more.