I received the following question:

Of those who make it into the kingdom, what do you think life will be like for those who are merely citizens of the kingdom? There are probably plenty of scriptures on this but I’m being a little slow here (and maybe a little lazy).Also, if one who fears God and believes the gospel, what would the greater blessing be that is opened up to him? Maybe a more exalted position in the kingdom? And if he hears the gospel and does not believe, you said that he loses it all. Does that mean no resurrection?

I think life will be wonderful for the “mere citizens!” That is not to say they might not experience disappointment and regret if they realize they could have won a great prize, and forfeited it instead. But I think they will learn to accept their lot, and will be living a much more glorious life than we are living now. If they take advantage of all they have been given and seek God with a true and devoted heart, there may be opportunities for them to advance further in the future.

Well, you are being a bit lazy, I suppose. The blessings offered are the blessings of being “in Christ” given in Ephesians 1-3, especially in chapter 1. Foremost among these is the blessing of sonship, being a representative of God in the kingdom.

No, losing it all does not mean no resurrection. If he heard the gospel and understood the truth but rejected it, he will not be raised for the kingdom. Nevertheless, all are to be raised eventually. He will be raised at the final resurrection during the little season to be judged. Those whose names are not found written in the book of life will be cast into the lake of fire for the second death (destruction with no hope of resurrection) at that time.