I received the following question:

Pertaining to Ananias and Sapphira, obviously they are a good example of the swiftness of punishment when the kingdom comes. But, although you said they could not lose their salvation, will they be resurrected, even though they sinned? And if someone sins in a similar manner during the kingdom, will he receive the same fate as they did?

Yes, I believe they will be resurrected, even though they sinned. They were believers in Christ, and earned a place in Him.

In the kingdom, men will have their resurrected bodies, and will have much greater light from God even than in the Acts period. If someone is judged worthy of death in the kingdom, I think that would preclude them being raised again until the final resurrection at the great white throne. At that time, their case would be considered once again. If they die for some sin in the kingdom and are judged worthy of the second death, they can be thrown into the lake of fire right at that point, and be destroyed. In that case, they will not be resurrected ever again, but are finished. But neither case is exactly like Ananias and Sapphira, I don’t think. At the very least, they were Israelites, so they will be resurrected at the start of the kingdom of God, along with every Israelite who has ever lived. At the great gathering of all Israel, it will be determined if they deserve to live in the kingdom, however. I would think they will since they had faith in Christ, but if I am wrong, they will be cut out of it at that time.