I received the following comments:

It was good to hear from you so soon.  I imagine your time is taken from you answering all our questions, but I’m sure it’s rewarding.

Now as to your first response:

The KJV is the only “Authorized Version” of God’s Word to us Christians in English language. All others are books distort God’s doctrines and omit His words. I find that our enemy has been confusing God’s words to us Gentiles since Paul first penned them.

I for one do not consider the NKJV nor any of the other versions taken from the Revised Version printed by Westcott & Hort, a Holy Bible!  They omit several words that change the context and doctrines. Don’t take my word for it, read Gail Replinger’s books on the subject.  She has documented proof of what I’m saying to be true.

Oh Brother Nathan don’t you believe that God has the power to get His word to us English speaking people today.  If he can be born of a virgin and create a body like ours, and a world like we live in, He surely can preserve and get His pure \ word to us. Just believe and let God do the rest.

Psa 12:6 The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.
Psa 12:7 Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation forever.

If I believe that the only pure word of God is in the originals only, than how could I be sure that what I’m reading is His word and not some man’s idea of what he thinks is His word. I have the faith to believe that God’s pure word has been properly translated by God fearing born again believers that have the Spirit of God living in them. He is leading them and directing them through their work, just like He does you and me.  All true believers that have been placed into the body of Christ are lead of God.  Romans 8:14 tell us “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.” I believe the KJV translators are Sons of God, don’t you? And those that translated His words in prior translations. I do not question the KJV’s Holy Bible that has evangelized most of the known world, as not being pure and preserved by God.

I agree with you that all Divine Gifts passed away when the dispensation of the grace of God began, however God is more than capable of getting His pure word to those that want to acknowledge it. I’m sure if you wish to read those other books that profess to be holy, He will not stop you, but you will not be reading His word, but some “man’s ideas and words.”

In that the KJV translator’s properly translated “pas’-khah” in 27 other places as “passover,” they knew the proper translation.  What you must ask yourself is why did they not do so on this one occasion?  I chose to believe that Rome’s appointed king was celebrating that old fertility feast with all those women.

It was neither Luke nor Herod who mentioned Easter, but the Holy Spirit. “All Scripture is given by the inspiration of God . . . ” 2Tim 3:16

As far as the rest of your remarks about the KJV, I’m going to leave that up to Gail Replinger who has studied it, and the translations of those that came after, up to her to answer your comments.  My prayer is that you would take the time to type her name in your search program and read any of her many books on the subject.  I love her most recent.

I have did as you recommended and reconsidered those things you have written to me and find myself still following the teachings of our Apostle Paul.

Joined in Love

Thank you for your comments.

You realize, don’t you, that the ones who authorized the KJV were King James and the Church of England? It was not authorized by God or anyone we would recognize as His representative. Unless, of course, you recognize the Church of England. Are you an Anglican or an Episcopalian?

All other versions omit His words? Hmmmm. It depends on what you mean by “omit.” Many of the modern versions use the Westcott-Hort text of the Greek, which omits many things which I believe legitimately belong in the text. That is the real issue, what Greek text is used and what it contained, because God never wrote in English. Any English Version will omit almost all of “God’s words,” since His actual words were Hebrew and Greek, and English Bibles are in English.

The King James Version was written over 1,500 years after Paul first penned his words. Satan was neither asleep, uninterested, or in any other way out of the picture when it was first translated.

I am afraid you are misinformed regarding the NKJV. The New King James Version does not use the Westcott and Hort Greek text. That is the point of it, and is why it is called the “New King James.” It uses a Greek text very similar to that of the King James Version. As for Westcott and Hort, what they printed was a Greek text. The Revised Version was the first version based on that text. Most subsequent versions have been based on Westcott and Hort’s Greek text, not on the Revised Version. The only thing based on the Revised Version would be a Revised Version Bible.

Yes, we’ve talked about Gail Riplinger before.

I believe that God can do a lot of things. He can do far, far more than He is doing. In fact, He will yet do far, far more than what He is doing. Yet it is clear to me, as it must be to you and to any honest observer, that God is doing far less than He could be doing. The question is why? And I believe that the answer is His work in the dispensation of grace. God has fallen silent, as Sir Robert Anderson so eloquently pointed out in his book, “The Silence of God.” He has left His Word in the hands of His people. He might work behind the scenes to see to it that it does not die out from the earth, but He is not in the business of producing flawless translations. For that matter, I don’t see Him doing that even before the time of His silence began. The Septuagint translation into Greek was made before Christ came, and it is quite erroneous in many places. Yet it was the Old Testament of the Greek-speaking world while Paul was out ministering to them. If God allowed a flawed translation to be the “Bible of the people” then, what makes you think He will not allow that today?

The verses you list are very, very true. And, you will notice, we still have Hebrew Bibles, and they are very well preserved. Yet for you and I to read them, we have to translate them into English. This introduces some errors. It did when the King James translators made their version, and it still does today. Yet the Hebrew words are still there. You can look at them, if you wish. They look like chicken scratching to me. I need my English Bibles.

That is a good point about not knowing if what you are reading in translations is really what God said. You are right, you can’t. Yet there are many good, believing men, Hebrew and Greek scholars, who have checked these translations and given us their thoughts on them. We can learn much from their work. But I am afraid it is not so easy as just picking up a version and knowing you have it all right. Picking up a version is a good place to start, but then you have to go on.

You don’t know that your words of praise were really true of the King James translators! Would you join the Church of England, if you had the opportunity? Do you agree with their doctrinal positions, or their doctrine when they translated the King James? I doubt it. I also doubt you have ever looked into it. Some of the translators doubtless were true believers. But the same is true of translators today. Some of them are believers. Some are not. But you are being naive if you believe the King James translators to all have been believers like yourself.

I think you are believing something here without any evidence. I don’t think we have any evidence that could tell us this today. You are taking a leap into the dark here on this one. King James demanded his Bible because of certain teachings and doctrines he wanted in it. The men who translated for him knew they had to see to it that their version taught those doctrines. That means, they went into translating with motives that were not purely to bring forth God’s Word honestly. Was that right? Is that what a Son of God would do?

Maybe, of course, because none of us are perfect. Yet it is very hard to know much about these translators, and certainly their eternal status is known only to God.

There is no doubt that God has powerfully used the King James Version for many years. I don’t know if it has been solely responsible for evangelizing the world. Missionaries have had to translate the Bible into other languages most of the time. Doing the best they could. Just like those who translate into English. But is results really a good indication of truth? If so, we should find the biggest, most successful church out there, and believe their doctrine. I do not think this is a good way to determine what is right.

Brother, you cannot separate men from any translation. Did or did not men translate the King James Version? And were they or were they not prophets, gifted to do so? If they were not prophets, then how can you say they were not just men doing the best they could with their knowledge? If they were prophets, then how can you say that they did not have a Divine Gift?

Your statements about what you “choose to believe” regarding the translation of “pas’-khah” by “Easter” put you in an impossible position, Brother. What you must now end up believing is that for over 1,500 years, the Greek Bible God gave His people told them that Herod wanted to wait until after the Pasca, meaning “Passover,” before he put Peter to death. For all those years, honest readers of the Scripture believed that it was the Passover he was waiting for. But then, in the early 1600s, God revealed that what He had told them so long ago was actually wrong. Instead of waiting until after the Passover, Herod actually was waiting until after an “old fertility feast with all those women.” Why did God deceive His people for all those centuries? Don’t you see that, in attempting to make out that God has preserved His Word perfectly in the King James Version, you have actually made God to be a liar?

Regarding the Holy Spirit mentioning Easter, not Luke nor Herod, now you are just picking at nits. I think we both know that the books of the Bible had both a human and Divine authorship. Two paragraphs down, you talk about the “teachings of our Apostle Paul,” when you well know that those teachings were actually those given to him by Jesus Christ. I will not chastise you for saying this, because I know very well what you meant. I think you know what I meant as well.

Brother, are you paying attention to what we are discussing? Throughout this discussion, we have been talking about whether or not the King James Version is God’s perfect word preserved in English. This has nothing to do with whether or not you should still follow the teachings of our Apostle Paul. Unless you honestly believe that our Apostle Paul lived for 1,600 years, and wrote the King James Version. I find it rather unkind that you imply that I have been trying to lure you away from the truths Paul taught in his inspired books. Are you attempting to insult me?

May the love and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you, my brother.