I received the following nervous questions from a reader:

Reader: Does Satan have it “in” for some people more than others?

I cannot say that I am in on the counsels of Satan, so I cannot answer this question for certain. If I had to guess, I would suppose he would have it in for believers who are “in Christ” more than he would other people. He may have it in for Israelites more than others as well, if he remembers old grievances. Otherwise, I cannot say if he has it in for certain individuals for reasons of his own.

Is listening to your intuition the same as listening to God?

Most certainly not! Listening to your intuition may be helpful at times, if you have good intuition, but God is not your intuition, nor is He inspiring your intuition. Listening to God comes by first knowing His Word, the Bible, and then by putting it into practice.

Can you explain entering into the Kingdom and coming under?  Mr Sellers has mentioned it on some of his tapes, but didn’t go into detail.

Entering into the Kingdom is what will take place when some are given a position in the Kingdom. The word “Kingdom” means “government.” If one were to enter into the government, that would mean attaining some office or position in the government. The same is true of entering into the Kingdom. It means being given by God some office or position within it.

Coming under the Kingdom is coming under God’s government. It means entering into its jurisdiction. For example, when Obama was elected President, those of us who are citizens of the United States came under his administration, since we are citizens of the United States and his administration now had charge over the United States. In the same way, when God’s government takes over the world, all who live on earth will come under its jurisdiction and find themselves subject to its authority. That is what it means to come under the Kingdom.

At the great white throne, what will believers be judged for?

Believers will not be judged at the great white throne. We will have already been raised from the dead and judged (put into our proper place) at the beginning of the kingdom several thousand years before. The great white throne judgment is for all those who are dead at the time, who were judged not worthy of the kingdom prior to that time.

Does God reward us now?

God does not reward us now. We live in the dispensation of the grace of God, when God is acting exclusively in grace and not in judgment. When God gives us anything now, He does so completely through His grace, and entirely apart from our earning it or deserving it.

Do you know what a medical intuitive is?  

In looking it up, it appears to me that a medical intuitive is someone who pretends to have some kind of special knowledge or psychic ability to determine what another person’s problems are, either for medical or counseling purposes. Such a person is doubtlessly a liar and a faker. People like this might try to bring the name of Christ into their mysticism and fakery, but they are using His name in vain, since He has nothing to do with such things. What you need is to examine your own life in the light of God’s Word and God’s truth. You need His Word, not superstition and deceivers with self-proclaimed mystical knowledge. Turn to God to find the truth about yourself, not medical intuitives.