I received the following question:

In Acts 2 when David is quoted in verses 25 and 34 we come across the “Because he is at my right hand.” Knowing when this is in reference to Christ when we see “right hand” we realize that hand doesn’t occur in the Greek (it would be an ellipses) and the word for right is definitely plural. When we read in it these passages (or any other possible ones) can we infer the same thing that it should read “rights” instead of “right hand.”

The metaphorical use of dexios as the place of honor or authority is the way it is typically used in the Bible.  In Luke 6:6, however, dexia definitely refers to a man’s literal right hand.  The same with dexion in Luke 23:33.  (These are both derivations of dexios.)  Luke being a doctor, it is not surprising that he would use this term in its literal rather than metaphorical sense.  He does use it in the metaphorical sense, however, in Luke 20:42 and Luke 22:69.

So, to conclude, it can be and is used in the literal sense.  When used figuratively, which is actually its majority use in Scripture, it means rights or authority.