eden02I received the following question:

Hi Nathan, Just wanted to comment about Adam’s sin vs faith. It seems to me Adam showed faith in what God said-they both would die. You seemed to think Adam had a lack of faith in that God wouldn’t love Eve enough to help her/save her. Did God say this? Am I missing something? I see Adam as sinning and Eve as being deceived as you stated but not any lack of faith on Adam’s part.

Thanks for the great question! I think what you are missing here is that faith is not just internally agreeing that a thing is true, but rather it is taking God at His word and responding accordingly. Also, it is always believing the totality of what God has said, not just some part of it. It did Adam no good to believe that the fruit would kill him if he ate it if he didn’t also believe the command, “you shall not eat.” Adam did not believe this. He thought that the results would be better if he ate than if he believed God and did not eat. Yes, he believed that eating the fruit would kill him, but what good did believing that part do him when he did not believe the other part, about not eating?

When I talked about Adam not believing that God would love Eve (Isha), I meant that that is why I think he did eat, even though he knew the fruit was poison. He was convinced he would die if he ate the fruit, but he was not convinced that it was better for him not to eat than to eat, as God had told him. He thought that dying with Isha in rebellion would be better than living without her in obedience to God. In other words, he did not trust that things would be better if he obeyed God, even though God had told him not to eat. His failure to comply with what God commanded was lack of faith. In saying he did not believe that God would love Isha more than he did, I was trying to get at the reason for his lack of faith, just as I was trying to get at Isha’s (Eve’s) reason for lack of faith. In her case, it was because she did not trust God’s justice. She thought He was giving a command that was not good, that He was holding back on them somehow, that His words were not just. In Adam’s case, he believed that God’s command was not loving, that He was uncaring when He put such fruit in the garden for his wife to eat. He thought that he would rather die with Isha than live with a cold and cruel God. But ultimately, both were wrong. Yet their reasons for lack of faith are not the same as the lack of faith. The ultimate lack of faith was in their not believing God’s command: that they should not eat.

I hope that helps.