trinitytriangle02I received the following questions:

How can the father and the son of the father be ONE God?

How can the sender and the one the was sent be ONE God?

How can 3 divine beings be One God?

How can 3 separate independent speakers be One God?

How can God and His son be One God?

if the father and jesus are One God this means the father did and said what jesus did and said because u say they are the same God,One God
this means the father also took a human flesh
u can not say the father did not take a human flesh because u say the father and jesus are one god the same god

I am happy to answer your questions here.

The reality of God is something that is not entirely comprehensible from the human standpoint. We cannot fully understand God because He is above us and greater than we. If we could fully comprehend God, that would mean He was small enough to be fully understandable by human intellect, which would not be very impressive for God, do you think?

Part of understanding the interaction of Father and Son is to understand the Hebrew concept of a son. Their lives were all based around families. They had what we would call a “family business.” Everything in your life really revolved around your family. If you had no family to belong to, you would try to get one and become a household servant. Crucial to the governing of the family was the leadership of the father. He was what we call the “patriarch,” the CEO of the family business. His decisions were crucial to the survival of the family, not just for making the money, but for seeing to it that you stayed alive and did not starve to death or experience any other tragedy. He was the authority over the family. Very crucial, then, was the determination of whom the next patriarch would be. The one chosen was called the “firstborn son.” He was trained for his job from the time of his birth. He was usually the oldest boy, just because you wanted him ready as soon as possible, in case his leadership was needed. You didn’t want to be stuck without a father! Once he was trained and ready to take his leadership role, the father would adopt him as the firstborn. That meant he now had the same authority over the family as the father did. He could make the same decisions as the father, he could speak in the father’s place, and in all practical respects he could BE the father now that he was the firstborn. Thus, the idea of the son was of the one who represented the father, who could fill the father’s role and take the father’s place, the one who could BE the father in all practical respects.

As such, the idea of “son” also carried with it the idea of having the same character as the father. They would actually use the word for people of a certain character…for example, a lazy person could be called a “son of laziness,” or a worthless character could be called a “son of worthlessness.” This meant he had a worthless character, not that his actual, human father was “worthlessness.”

The truth that is taught when it is said that Jesus Christ is the Son of God is that Jesus Christ is the One Who displays the Father’s character, the One Who represents the Father, the One Who can take the Father’s place in every important way. Basically, it means that He is the visible, knowable, understandable representative of the invisible, unknowable God Who is otherwise beyond understanding. We see God and understand God because we see and understand Jesus Christ. He can stand in for God and represent Him in every way because He is God in every respect, the only difference being that He can be seen and interacted with.

You yourself pointed out that Jesus said, “He who has seen Me has seen the Father,” in John 14:9. This would indicate that the Father did take on flesh in the form of Jesus Christ, doesn’t it?

Jesus Christ is God manifested in the flesh. There is no difference between Him and God, because He is God.

Thank you for the great questions. I pray you will keep considering this and come to a knowledge of the truth.