I received the following question:

I have a quick question.  This morning in our work devotional we read 1 Kings 1 and we were wondering about verse 13 where it talks about Nathan reminding Bathsheba that David made an oath to her that her son Solomon would be heir to the throne and king after him.  Where do we see this promise in scripture?

We see this promise right here, as well as in verse 17, and nowhere else. This is clearly a promise that David made to Bathsheba at some undisclosed time between the birth of Solomon and this event, but we have no other record of it than right here. How Nathan found out about it is hard to say, though it may not have been a closely guarded secret. Clearly Nathan was in on the secret councils of David, and knew that this was David’s intention.

Sometimes the Bible will do this, letting us in on previous events only when they come up at a later time. This is a style of writing that is certainly not unique to the Bible. In fact, in real life we often find out about conversations between other people after the conversation is over. God does not need to repeat Himself by telling us an event happened, and then telling us how it was important later. Instead, He can combine telling us about it and how it was important, as He did here.