jobblame02I received the following question:

So I thought that your prophecy of Jonah was pretty insightful.

It seemed to possibly give insight into the whole aspect the story of Job.  I have been contemplating what these guys (Eliphaz, Bildad, Zophar, and Elihu) had said.  They have their thoughts right on certain issues like Sheol, but they are wrong about what happened to Job.  I am puzzled at this and wondering if there is another answer or situation that they are actually talking about.  It seemed like nobody has ever touched this aspect in Job.  Everybody is just willing to say these men were wrong.  If that be so then we can’t quote from Job to prove the aspect of Sheol.  I could explain further but I’ve been at a computer too long.

Thanks!  I’m glad you enjoyed it.

You have to remember that these men were not living in the atmosphere we live in.  At the time, what happens to men after death was much better understood than it is today, when such a cloud of tradition and superstition has arisen to obscure the truth of God.  It was probably common knowledge what happened to people after death at that time, and so Job’s three friends, though they were not inspired and often were wrong, did at least know the truth regarding this.

There was a lot of knowledge in what Job’s three friends said, for they were aged and wise men.  Yet it was wisdom according to human knowledge, not according to God’s truth.  They spoke from the perspectives of human experience, human tradition, and human merit. They did not speak from the wisdom of God.

As for using their words regarding what happens after death, Mr. Sellers wrote concerning Job 34:14-15, “We are forced to regard with some suspicion all statements made by Job’s friends, yet I will challenge anyone to prove that Elihu’s statement is not the truth. Man’s continuance in life, his continuance among the living, is dependent upon God continuing to give him life.”  (Word of Truth Volume 6 page 136)

I hope this helps you consider the issue.