approved02I received the following question:

My question to you is. Anyone passing the WHITE THRONE TEST, will they be placed in the PARADISE of the kingdom, or as Sellers suggested, they will start a new colony in one of the planets in the New Heavens and New Earth? And your opinion is?

You ask a very good question! I am afraid I cannot really answer. I have trouble believing that people who were judged unworthy of the kingdom of God or the parousia of Jesus Christ would then be thought worthy of the new heavens and new earth, which are beyond those! Yet if the place they are to live is not the new heavens and new earth, then I do not know where else they can live. Mr. Sellers’ suggestion of a colony on a new planet is a good idea. I think he used the verse about God planting the heavens (Isaiah 51:16.) But that verse is certainly of debatable meaning. I just don’t have any Biblical evidence to say for sure. But I do know they will be given a chance at life somewhere. We will have to leave the exact details up to God.