olives02I received the following question:

I found Sellers’ booklet on the “Good Olive Tree” confusing. Maybe I caused my own confusion because I thought that pure gentiles were being grafted to become Jews into the Good Olive Tree of Romans 11:

The Good Olive Tree, was Jesus Christ, and the gentiles partook of the blessings of believing, during the Acts period. When a pure gentile believed during the Acts period, it provoked the Jews into jealousy. But these two groups were kept separate. The pure gentiles were grafted into Israel’s blessings and became partakers of Israel’s spiritual things. The pure gentiles did not become Jews, no more than Cornelius and his household became Jews

The Lord would not graft an apple into an orange tree because that would be confusion and God is not the author of confusion. The gentiles stood in separate positions of blessings.

I was confused with the Good Olive Tree, but reading your Malta Omission and a few other Precepts truths you have written helped clarify my confusion. Thanks.  

I am not sure if you are asking me to explain this, or saying you already have it figured out from reading my Precepts. I do think that the “pure” Gentiles were being grafted into Israel’s olive tree of blessings in place of some of the Israelites, the natural branches, who were being cut off.

I do not think that the Gentiles became Jews. They remained as a Gentile company in the Acts period company of believers. They will have their part in that company when they participate in the duties and privileges of that company in the Kingdom to come.

I am not sure why you are talking about apples and oranges. The Gentiles are presented as wild olive branches, not as oranges. They are grafted into Israel’s olive tree of national and Kingdom blessings in place of the unbelieving Israelites who are cut out. In the kingdom, they will receive their blessings alongside of Israelites. These will be Israel’s privileges they are enjoying, though they will enjoy them as a Gentile complement of an Israelite company.

Hope this helps.