ibelieve02I received the following letter:

Hello Sir,

I found your website and I have a few questions if you have time. (They should be fairly quick response if you have the time)

1.) Are you an “Acts 28er” as in you believe the body Christ started at Acts 28:28?

2.) Do you believe God preserved His exact words?

3.) Which Hebrew and Greek texts contain the exact words of God? (if answered yes to #2)

4.) Which translation is most reliable to the most reliable manuscripts?

5.) What do you think of this post “M.A.D. Baptist” http://av1611studyblog.blogspot.com/p/water.html

If you do not have time then that is fine. Just know I have no desire to initiate a debate, I will not respond back accept to “thanks” to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Grace and Peace,

I would be happy to answer your questions as best I can.

1.) This is not so easy to answer as you have asked it. I am an Acts 28er in the fact that I believe God’s current work and calling of believers began at Acts 28:28. But no, I do not believe that the body of Christ started at Acts 28:28. You will find there is, actually, a wide variety of beliefs among those who believe Acts 28:28 to be the dispensational dividing line. My beliefs regarding the body of Christ are more complicated than this.

2. I believe that God gave us His precious words, and that He is acting in the world to preserve them. However, I know from the fact that I myself have made typos while writing down Bible verses, that He is not making sure that things are copied right every time. Some work and careful consideration must be put in to try to get back to the words as He originally wrote them.

3. The original autographs, of course, but we do not have access to those, and it is doubtful that they still exist. I tend to believe that the Received Text is better than the Westcott/Hort or Nestle text in many cases. But I do not know that I think that any of those is exactly right. As for Hebrew, I admit to not knowing as much about this, but I would tend to think that the Massoretic Text is pretty good in most cases. But there are still the emendations of the Sopherim to deal with.

4. My personal opinion is that both the King James Version and New King James Version are very good in this regard.

5. Since I believe that Acts 28:28 is the dispensational dividing line, I do not believe that any actions of Paul in the Acts period need necessarily signal what we are to do today. Your argument about the Philippians “seeing” Paul baptize could just as easily be applied to them seeing him heal or cast out demons, things we cannot do today.

Thanks for the questions. Feel free to write me with more, if you wish.

In Christ,