I received the following question:

I am developing a Timeline for an eventual Acts 28 presentation based on your article “Dispensationalism Part 4,” and I need to know where Paul’s epistles fall within the book of Acts.

In his Word of Truth article entitled “Dating the Epistles of Paul,” Mr. Milton Hammond states the following:

1. 1 Thess Acts 18:5-7 53AD

2. 2 Thess Acts 18:11 54AD

3. Galatians Acts 19:8 56AD

4. 1 Cor Acts 19:10 57AD

5. 2 Cor Acts 20:1-2 58AD

6. Rom Acts 20:3 58AD

Do you agree with this? If not, would you mind just replying with a list of your own chart?

I appreciate all of your help!

I think most of the books of Paul are fairly well established, since Paul more or less refers to where he is in the book, except for a few controversial ones. The one here that is not well established is Galatians, and I would disagree with Mr. Hammond regarding that book.

I also really don’t have a teaching regarding the dates of the books in our modern numbers.

Here would be my chart.

1. Galatians Acts 14:28

2. 1 Thess Acts 18:5-7

3. 2 Thess Acts 18:11

4. 1 Cor Acts 19:10

5. 2 Cor Acts 20:1-2

6. Rom Acts 20:3