I received the following question:

As I was looking at it, it seemed like Nehemiah must have been incredibly old when he sat down to write Nehemiah. I mean 7 generations of kids since the captivity! 20 years a generation would make 140 years? Granted they might be more like 15 years but that would still be 105?

Are you assuming Nehemiah is the same age as Ezra? I think he might have been younger. Joshua was probably quite a bit older than Nehemiah as well. I met some of my great-grandparents, and if I lived to see great-grandchildren that would be seven generations and not all that unusual. I mean, even if God does bless me with children, which does not seem overly likely at this point, I will not see great-grandchildren, but if I got married at 20 I might well have done. Seven generations is not all that crazy.