I received the following question:

What have you found to be the best way to determine where to put certain OT prophecies as far as either being in the pre-parousia Kingdom of God or in the 1000 year parousia? How do you or when do you make that determination?

It is generally true that most of the prophecies of Scripture are related, not to the thousand-year parousia of Jesus Christ, but to the pre-millennial period of the Kingdom of God that precedes it. I would generally assume that, unless there is evidence in the passage to tell me otherwise, the passage is speaking of the premillennial kingdom. The passages I think have to do with the parousia thousand years are mostly limited to a little bit at the end of Daniel, a few prophecies at the end of Isaiah, and a bit in the last chapters of Zechariah. Along with the obvious portion in Revelation, that is pretty much it. Otherwise, the prophecies are all regarding the pre-parousia kingdom.

That said, many general prophecies describing conditions as they will exist then will probably carry over in large part into the parousia kingdom. That is, many glorious realities that will be true in the pre-parousia Kingdom of God will continue to be true in the parousia as well. Yet still I think those prophecies are about the pre-parousia period, not the parousia.

That is a good question. I pray that helps.