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liquor signIn our last two messages on the issue of alcohol and the believer today, we examined the various words used for alcohol in both the Old and New Testaments, what they meant, and what the Bible’s attitude towards alcohol seems to be. We saw that we cannot make any difference between the words used to speak positively of alcohol and the words used to warn against the use of alcohol to cause drunkenness. The same words that are spoken of in a positive light are used in a negative light of not getting drunk. Yet I suggested last time that our study of the issue would be incomplete if we did not pause to consider why God said such things as in Ecclesiastes 9:7 and Amos 9:14. Read the rest of this entry »

wineIn our previous article, we were examining the issue of the use of alcohol and the believer, and were seeking to determine what exactly the Bible has to say on this topic. We examined all the various Hebrew words for alcoholic beverages in the Old Testament, what they mean, and what the Lord has to say about them. Now, we will move on and do the same thing with the New Testament words regarding alcohol. Read the rest of this entry »

wineThe issue of the believer and alcohol is, by no means, an easy one. The old fundamentalist idea that “believers shouldn’t drink” is becoming increasingly unpopular, as alcohol as a means of entertainment, pleasure, and socialization becomes more and more the accepted norm in our society. More and more believers are tending to point out that the use of alcohol is never forbidden in the Bible, and that their drinking it is not a sin, especially if they do not get drunk. Some even suggest that those who condemn the use of alcohol are “weak” in faith, using passages such as Romans 14:1-2 as evidence. Yet on the other end of the spectrum, we have those who have become believers after experiencing the devastating effects of alcohol abuse in their lives or in the lives of their families. Such people have had families destroyed, lives torn apart, or even been committed to prison because of the use and abuse of alcohol. These, upon finding freedom in Christ, also enjoy freedom from the alcoholic abuse that had so enslaved them before. To them, the use of alcohol is an abomination, and they cling wholeheartedly to the fundamentalist doctrine of not drinking alcohol. What, then, are we to say in the light of such divergent opinions? What can we discover from the Bible about the use of alcohol? What is it that God really taught, and how can we apply it to our own use of or refusal to use alcohol today? Read the rest of this entry »