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In previous articles we have gone through and examined every occurrence of the Hebrew word “Sheol,” the word often translated as “hell” in many English Bible versions. We saw that it is something that both the righteous and the wicked expect to go to when they die. After examining its use we concluded that it is not a place at all, but rather a state of being, basically the state of death. Those who are in Sheol are those who are in the death state. Yet Sheol is the death state with resurrection in view, which is why both the righteous and the wicked, both God’s people and His enemies, are said to be there after death. Read the rest of this entry »


I received the following questions:

We look forward to the next great dispensation as “the kingdom of God.” If the kingdom should come tomorrow, everyone now living would be in the kingdom (at least briefly). Also many would begin to be resurrected into the kingdom to live during the kingdom.

My questions are: Do we have any idea the criteria for a. eliminating those not fit for the kingdom?

b. being resurrected into the kingdom?

c. being judged on Judgment Day? Read the rest of this entry »