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I had the following discussion with a friend some years ago. I don’t know if he holds the same views any longer, but I certainly do. We originally replied back and forth to various statements the other made, which ended up in an argument that was a jumbled mess. I’ve tried to clean it up and put it in a form where it is understandable at one reading. The arguments may seem to “jump” sometimes, however, and in cases like that I’ve inserted phrases like “Let’s return to the topic of such and such” to give you an idea of where the jump went to. Also, my friend made the final arguments in written form, and then we continued the discussion in person. Therefore, since I never replied to some of his comments over e-mail, he’ll seem to get the last word in…one of the few times I’ll allow that in a message!  Please read the article on Speaking In Tongues so you know the context of the conversation. Read the rest of this entry »


The subject of speaking in tongues is a difficult one for many believers today. Some are strongly in favor of the modern tongues movement. Some are not prepared to speak in tongues themselves, but are at the same time unwilling to admit that others who claim to have this gift are wrong. Some believe that many tongues today are faked but that there are real tongues “out there somewhere.” And some believe that all who claim to have the gift of tongues are either deceived or deceivers, and that there is no such gift for believers today. The author of this article believes the latter, and this will be a very brief explanation of his position and why he believes it. Read the rest of this entry »